Wine of the Week: Darling Cellars Reserve Bushvine Sauvignon Blanc 2024

Wine of the Week: Darling Cellars Reserve Bushvine Sauvignon Blanc 2024
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As we celebrate Sauvignon Blanc Day this month (3 May 2024), we’re showcasing a top Sauvignon Blanc this week: Darling Cellars Reserve Bushvine Sauvignon Blanc 2024.

Darling Cellars, situated in the cool West Coast wine district of Darling, has added to its crop of awards the Revelation Trophy and two Gold medals at the Concours Mondial that was hosted in Germany in 2023.

Darling Cellars is increasingly gaining recognition for its cool climate wines. Most of the bush vine vineyards are close to the Atlantic Ocean, on south-western slopes, so they are kept cool by the breezes coming off the icy waters. Deep, water-retaining soils make this hilly area of the West Coast a top wine-growing district.

A Darling favourite

At the heart of Darling's terroir lie bush vines from the cool West Coast, setting the stage for truly distinctive Sauvignon Blanc. Since the demarcation of Darling as a Wine of Origin district in 2003, Darling Cellars has focused on wines which are terrain- and varietal specific.

Virtually all the vineyards are dry-land bush vines, which make them as natural as one gets. Grapes from these vineyards make the most distinctive wines, produced from concentrated fruit from low-yielding vines and reflect the unique cool-climate terrain of the West Coast.

Darling Cellars has just released the latest vintage of their flagship Sauvignon Blanc: Darling Cellars Reserve Bushvine Sauvignon Blanc 2024.

André Scriven, the head winemaker who joined the Darling Cellars team in 2023, explains: "Crafting the 2024 Sauvignon Blanc alongside our white winemaker Bertrum Titus, we found the perfect fusion of components. When you taste the wine, you smile, for you know this is what you are seeking for: liquid sunshine in a bottle.”

The Sauvignon Blanc grapes are typically harvested over a two-week period at varying levels of ripeness to incorporate diverse components for the final blends. The grapes are harvested early in the morning to retain their coolness, ensuring a vibrant burst of flavours upon crushing.

The sugar content during pressing typically measures around 22 grade balling. Throughout fermentation, the wines are meticulously tasted, offering a glimpse into the eventual composition of the bottled product – a wine distinguished by its character, complexity, and narrative.

This exquisite white wine is a tropical paradise, featuring luscious notes of passion fruit and pineapple, intertwined with hints of fresh green figs and a touch of asparagus, creating a symphony of flavours. Whether enjoyed solo or paired with a meal (especially seafood), this wine is a perfect companion for a sunny beach day or a South African braaivleisvuur.

Celebrate South African Sauvignon Blanc with a chance to win exciting prizes! Register online on Darling Cellars’ online shop and buy two cases of the Darling Cellars Reserve Bushvine Sauvignon Blanc to elevate your wine appreciation. Three lucky winners will have the opportunity to receive a set of Crystal wine glasses and to enjoy Darling Sauvignon Blanc in style!


Visit their cellar to taste award-winning wines and for some old-world West Coast hospitality. For more info, visit their website or give them a call on 022 492 2276.

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