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Darling Cellars Gustus Skattie Pinotage Sweet Wine 2013

Technical Analysis

Winemaker - Carel Hugo + Alastair Rimmer
Main Variety - Pinotage
Alcohol - 13.91 %vol
pH - 4.0
RS - 128 g/l
Total Acid - 6.74 g/l


Type - Red
Style - Sweet
Body - Medium
Taste - Fruity

Tasting Notes

Ruby red, rich and spicy with notes of dark berries and hints of raisins, it is well bodied, very intense with notes of ripe cherries. Excellent with strong cheeses and desserts.. Serve slightly chilled and enjoy with good friends. Seductively smooth, sensually soft, significantly sweet, mouthfillingly moreish, decadently Pinotage

Ageing Potential

p3 – 6 years/p

Blend Information

100% Pinotage

Food Suggestions

pStrong cheese and desserts/p

In The Vineyard

After a good long wet winter we had very even bud-break. A long cool growing season allowed to grapes to mature beautifully while retaining their natural acidity. 

Vineyards strategically planted on sites that allowed grapes to both ripen well while at the same time are not exposed to excessive heat allowing the grapes to mature slowly. Also the Darling area with its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean and the cool Benguela current running off of South Africa’s West Coast, has very cool evenings allowing the grapes to retain their natural acidity. Most vineyards are on deep soils, derived mostly from decomposed granite, that are clay rich, with good drainage.

Vineyard type: Bush Vine, no irrigation

About The Harvest

Yield: 2-3 t/ha
Balling at Harvest: 45-50°B

In The Cellar

Pre harvest done by pinching the bunches at 21°B to stop juice flow to buches. Grapes sundried on vines. Hand selected bunches from unirrigated bush vines left to wither in the sun. Crush and destalk, 15 days fermentation at 20-25°C on skin. Pressed at 5-10°B

Maturation: Aged in stainless steel tanks.
Fining agents used: none

Additional Information

The recent demarcation of the Darling district has led to a focus at Darling Cellars on wines which are terroir and varietally specific. The cool and temperate West Coast climate lends itself to a different micro- and mesoclimate which, along with the different types of soil, lead to unique grapes, which we guide into even more unique wines. Having 99% of all vineyards as dry land and almost the same percentage as bush vine, this is as close to what nature intended for grapes to be as one can get.

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