Darling Cellars harvest 2024 update

Darling Cellars harvest 2024 update
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At Darling Cellars the harvest season has come to a close.

At Darling Cellars the harvest season has come to a close, and the winemaking team is now carefully tasting and evaluating the wines to only select the finest for blending and bottling.

Despite facing some challenges during the harvest, it was efficiently carried out, albeit resulting in lower quantities than the previous year. The weather played a crucial role but was well managed, leading to minimal issues with diseases. Encouragingly, both white and red grape varieties are showing great promise, with exceptional quality Chenin Blanc and reds displaying vibrant, captivating hues.

For the whites, harvesting was done in the early mornings to preserve fruit flavors and reduce the need for grape cooling. The fermentation process for the white wines progressed smoothly, resulting in wines with rich and intense flavour profiles.

As for the red wines, primary fermentation is nearly complete, with many now undergoing malolactic fermentation. The reds will soon be transferred to barrels, and the team is eagerly anticipating the final outcome.

It has been a pleasure for the winemaking team to work together, channeling their passion in the winery.

A special thanks are extended to the shareholders for providing top-quality grapes from the bush vines.

Here's to a successful harvest season!

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