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Red, red wine: 50 000 litres lost after tank collapses at Darling Cellars

The collapse of a wine tank on Tuesday resulted in the loss of 50 000 litres of red wine at Darling Cellars in the Western Cape. In a statement, Darling Cellars said it suspected the "traumatic" incident happened when a stand, which was holding the tank, collapsed and fell onto other tanks. It al

Darling Cellars - A winery in the West Coast of South Africa

The cool and temperate West Coast climate lends itself to a variety of different micro- and meso-climates which, along with the different soil types, lead to unique grapes which we guide into even more unique wines. With approximately 95% of all our vineyards being Unirrigated (dry land) and roug

Darling Cellars Promotional Feature

A short introduction Darling Cellars Winery, situated in the West Coast of South Africa. At Darling Cellars our wines are all about location, location, location, and our old, un-irrigated bush vines. In one word: terroir. We don’t make our wines; we grow them!

Darling Cellars Crush Day - West Coast Way

Our yearly Crush day event is not something to be missed!

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