Darling Cellars Pyjama Bush Wine for your valentine

Darling Cellars Pyjama Bush Wine for your valentine
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One rosé wine set to be the darling of this summer’s holiday season is the Pyjama Bush 2018 from Darling Cellars.

The Pyjama Bush blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Grenache is named after the pink-and-blue flower of the same name (scientific name: Lobostemonfruticosus) - that blooms in the vicinity of Darling as well as in various other parts of the Western Cape during spring and summer.

This fresh, perky and slightly off-dry rosé wine brings together two grape varieties that show individualistic varietal expression in the Darling appellation. The Pyjama Bush is a unique blend combining two premium grape varieties in one juicy, lively wine just made for summer-time refreshment.  Adding to the wine’s attractive flavour-profile is the low alcohol-level of 11.2%.

Light Pomegranate in colour, this is what summer drinking is all about. Loads of ripe strawberries, sweet cherry and raspberries on the nose with a lingering fruity aftertaste. Grab your Valentines wine now!

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