Darling Cellars Set to Wake-up Summer with its Pink Pyjama Bush Rosé

Darling Cellars Set to Wake-up Summer with its Pink Pyjama Bush Rosé
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One rosé wine set to be the darling of this summer’s holiday season is the Pink Pyjama Bush 2018 from Darling Cellars, the leading winery in this well-known wine region on the cool Cape West Coast.

The Pink Pyjama Bush blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Grenache is named after the pink-and-blue flower of the same name (scientific name: Lobostemon fruticosus) - that blooms in the vicinity of Darling as well as in various other parts of the Western Cape during spring and summer.

This fresh, perky and slightly off-dry rosé wine brings together two grape varieties that show individualistic varietal expression in the Darling appellation. A cool-climate region, Darling is one hour’s drive north-west of Cape Town and falls under the direct influence of the Atlantic Ocean’s icy Benguela current.

According to Pieter-Niel Rossouw, cellarmaster at Darling Cellars, the Pink Pyjama Bush 2018 falls in the winery’s Reserve Range aimed at offering quality, terroir-driven wines at accessible price points.

“The Pink Pyjama Bush is a unique blend combining two premium grape varieties in one juicy, lively wine just made for summer-time refreshment,” says Rossouw, whose passion for rosé wines was formed while working a number of harvests in the Languedoc region of France where rosé is such a prominent feature of the vinous landscape.

“Although 99% of the Pink Pyjama Bush consists of Sauvignon Blanc, for which Darling is well known due to its cool climate and weathered granite soils, the splash of Grenache brings a blast of red-berry fruit and perfume to the blend. Adding to the wine’s attractive flavour-profile is the low alcohol-level of 11.2%”

Rossouw says a major contributor to the overall quality of all wines in the Darling Cellars range is the fact that most of the winery’s vineyards are unirrigated bushvines with naturally low yields.

“The vineyards for this wine only yield six tons per hectare, a factor definitely contributing to the overall quality and structure of the wine,” he says.

Grapes for the Pink Pyjama Bush were harvested at 21-22° balling. After crushing and destalking, the juice was fermented for 18 days at 14°C. Grapes and juice were handled reductively to prevent oxidation and to lock-in optimal fruitiness. Two months lees contact adds complexity, mouthfeel and length to the finish.

“As a category, rosé is growing in popularity around the world, with South Africa being no exception,” says Rossouw. “The Darling Cellars Pink Pyjama Bush is an exciting addition to the ranges of rosé made locally and we are expecting it to be one of the go-to pink wines over the summer season.”

Recommended retail price: R50.

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