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Anna Foundation Winemakers MTB Challenge

Anna Foundation Winemakers MTB Challenge
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Eighteen winemakers and winemaking assistants representing 13 Estates throughout the Western Cape, took part in the Anna Foundation Winemaker’s MTB Challenge on 21 April. This 20km cycling event was run in conjunction with the Delta Trap at Solms-Delta and all winemakers were welcome to enter irrespective of riding ability.

Just for the fun of it, cyclists could challenge one another with one of the top contenders to beat being Marcus Milner from De Meye Wines. At the start of the race winemakers were given pole position lining up in the front of the 20km pack. First finisher was Lorraine Geldenhuys from Elsenburg and Marcus Milner (De Meye) followed, not too far behind. Raphael Dornier (Dornier Wines) took 3rd place while Mark Le Roux from Waterford came in 4th. A separate prize giving was held for the Winemaker’s MTB Challenge after which competitors could relax at the Anna Foundation’s “Chill Lounge” and in true winemaker-style, enjoy a glass or two of red wine in the autumn sun.

“The Anna Foundation Winemaker’s MTB Challenge was the first of such events and we expect the 2014 affair to be even bigger and better with some seriously tough competition and hope to see even more farm teams entering next year!” says the Anna Foundation.

The Anna Foundation implements education, sports and life skills programmes for children living on farms.
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